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End user focus - We only partner with NetSuite end user companies.

Our passion lies in the transformation of your business. Our bottom line is the business value delivered to our clients. Our process doesn't end with contracting a NetSuite resource, but with the business value that you receive.

The reflection of our clients' satisfaction and the positive transformation of their business is the best assessments of our performance and the basic guidance we use to tailor our services.

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Our engagement model is aimed at you feeling great.

For us it’s equally important that you have high quality business relevant solutions and at the same time enjoy a pain-free process.

Our resources understand their role as matter experts and the responsibility that comes with it. So that you don’t need to worry about all the small details surrounding ERP implementation in order to realize a successful project.

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All things NetSuite. Get Set Cloud covers the whole NetSuite skillset landscape.

Whatever your requirement is and whichever stage of your NetSuite journey you are at, we are here to help you.

Technical resources have the expertise to manipulate and extent the behaviour of NetSuite to the highest extent. They can automate processes, modify behaviour, create custom views and integrate NetSuite with other systems.

Functional resources have the expertise NetSuite’s modules and processes. Functional consultants perform business analysis and configure NetSuite to fulfill the requirement in the best way. They know the best practices of business processes.

Delivery lead resources are project management and program management experts. They know all the details of the process of delivering NetSuite implementation and customization projects.

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Services beyond solution delivery for a holistic approach to making your NetSuite a success.

Our resourcing services extend beyond solution delivery. We provide expertise aimed at the different aspects of integrating NetSuite into your organisation and making sure that your teams fully utilize its potential.

Contact us to learn more.

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