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Privacy Policy

BIBINBAP recognises the crucial importance of protecting your data, privacy and security. This Privacy Policy details the types of Personal Information that we collect, the means through which we collect the information and the purposes for which we use the collected Personal Information.

We collect Personal Information:
1. By means of our websites
2. Through your engagement as a partner, customer or vendor
3. Upon your inquiry regarding us or our services
4. Through our own research

We process the following categories of Personal Information:
1. User IDs and passwords necessary for providing our services, your service preferences and contact preferences telephone number
2. Company information such as company name, address, designation, etc.
3. Contact information such as name, personal and business address, email address
4. Any information provided to us directly
5. Details of the services that you enquired about or purchase
6. Location, IP address and other geo-location data
7. All website usage behaviour including but not limited to clicks, typing, pages section viewing, video viewing, etc.
8. Collating various collected information with Personal Information from any of the listed sources

Purpose for information processing:
1. Communication via any means for marketing and any other purposes; tracking the success of our sales efforts and marketing campaigns; industry updates; providing information related to our other products and services; obtaining opt-in consent
2. For tracking vendor orders and bills, customer orders and invoices; finance/accounting; other financial management purposes
3. Business administration activities; websites and services management and operation; customer service and support; notifications of changes regarding products and services
4. Improvements to our services, including our website; displaying information – including advertisements or any other information; for conducting and improving our operations

If you have questions regarding our collection and processing of your data, please contact us at

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