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Wholesale Distribution

NetSuite brings visibility of all aspects of your business. Inventory levels, customer orders, expected replenishment dates; gaining full awareness of all the moving parts will improve the reliability of your service and let you optimize your operations. Set up replenishment and inventory count parameters and automate your processes, integrate with other systems and receive orders from anywhere, account for all transactions in real time.

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NetSuite is the ideal solution to take a central role in your omnichannel ecosystem. With NetSuite you can successfully integrate the different parts of your business; in-store sales, online sales and click-and-collect, product delivery and replenishment from multiple warehouses and multi subsidiary support. Achieve all this while maintaining a 360 degree customer view to provide the best service and experience.

There is no limit to what you can achieve. With a unified platform, you can recognize your existing customers even if they visit one of your stores in another country while on holiday; and provide the best personalized experience around the world.

Besides improving customer experience, with NetSuite you can streamline your supply and replenishment processes and ensure that your operations are impacable even under the highest pressure of peak sales periods. With the support of NetSuiite you can always perform at your 'A' game.

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Media and Publishing

In a field impacted by dynamic and large scale changes that are a result of technical development, NetSuite as a modern ERP provides a competative advantage. With its cloud infrastructure and ease of customization and integration, you can implement NetSuite within a short time period and minimum disruption to your business. The flexibility that NetSuite offers is key in configuring a solution that will manage content distribution and account for the variety of revenue sources in the dynamic business environment of media and publishing.

Our resources have the experice to help you implement a solution that integrates the sales, order management, subscriber management, content distribution, renewals, collections and accounting aspects of your business, as well as provide a subscription model oriented reporting with real time annualized values of your business.

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Professional Services

Optimal management and scheduling of your workforce and simplification of administrative tasks. NetSuite allows you and your employees to effectively plan the project delivery and it provides accounting and reporting on the performance of a professional services business. It supports a variety of project accounting practices and related revenue recognition methods.

As in any other business or even more so, professional services require decision making that integrates resource availability with the planned order/project deliveries. NetSuite has an inbuilt module that support the unique nature in which these elements are aligned in the professional services industry. Tied in with the procurement, accounting, invoicing and revenue recognition functions, it provides a solution that supports your business in both its operational and reporting needs.

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The manufacturing module allows you to define assembly items with a bill-of-material. Operations are then tracked through work orders based either on a planned production targets or on demand expressed by your customers. These manufacturing features are tied to the inventory management and accounting functions to provide an integrated and compact solution.

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