Be on top of your cloud ERP game.

Deliver real value and support the growth of your business. Resourcing for NetSuite expertise is not a challenge anymore. We are the game changers in the market of resourcing for NetSuite expertise, with Get Set Cloud you can achieve all your NetSuite goals.

NetSuite Resourcing

Our NetSuite experts have a wealth of experience and a practical mindset. They deliver the best solutions coupled with the best project execution practices.

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    End User Focus

    Our passion lies in the transformation of your business. That's why we only partner with NetSuite end user companies and those planning to implement NetSuite.

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    Fresh Approach

    For us it’s equally important that you have high quality business relevant solutions and at the same time enjoy a pain-free process. Our approach is aimed at you feeling great about your NetSuite journey.

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    One Stop Shop

    All things NetSuite. Get Set Cloud covers the whole NetSuite skillset landscape. Whatever your requirement is and whichever stage of your NetSuite journey you are at, we are here to help you.

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    Game Changers

    Additional services that make all the difference. We provide expertise for a holistic approach to making your NetSuite a success.

Cloud Advantage

Today’s exciting business environment offers an immense opportunity for organisations of all sizes. With a support of a cloud ERP you can take these opportunities with confidence.

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    Scale As You Please

    Internet is the limit - with a cloud ERP you are empowered to closely manage a global business. New markets, new subsidiaries, new locations - grow your business and know that you can always rely on your ERP in the process.

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    Streamline Your Business

    Streamlined processes and automation empowers your team to tackle the challenges encountered during rapid scaling. A new technology brings new capabilities with it, it introduces new and more efficient best practices.

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    Modern Technology

    Potential for growth, connecting and increasing your reach, advancing with the pace of the changing technology, a modern ERP solution brings you all this. Break your limitations and meet the requirements of your business as they are today and as they evolve tomorrow.

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    Increased Adaptability

    To stay competitive large enterprises have to look at new, more flexible approaches and business models. Build capabilities to unlock the growth opportunities of new channels and initiatives, with NetSuite you can achieve this in an economically sensible way.

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NetSuite fits your business.

NetSuite is used by over 20.000 companies around the world. Its cloud infrastructure, flexibility and ease of implementation and many other advantages have made it the leading cloud ERP solution.

NetSuite has inbuilt workflows and modules for various business verticals like Wholesale Distribution, Retail, Media and Publishing, Professional Services, Manufacturing and many more.

When partnering with Get Set Cloud you benefit from our resources’ expertise in business analysis and functional knowledge for implementing the most fitting NetSuite features. You can rely on our experts even if your business demands an extension of the standard functionality or development of a custom module.

Check out NetSuite out-of-the-box features supporting some of the mentioned business verticals. Reach out to us if you need an expert’s advice.

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Wholesale Distribution

NetSuite brings visibility of all aspects of your business:
- Inventory levels
- Customer orders
- Expected replenishment dates

Gain full awareness of all the moving parts, improve the reliability of your service and optimize your operations.

Set up replenishment and inventory count parameters and automate your processes.

Integrate with other systems and receive orders from anywhere, account for all transactions in real time.

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NetSuite is the ideal solution to take a central role in your omnichannel ecosystem.

With NetSuite you can successfully integrate the different parts of your business:
- In-store sales
- Online sales and click-and-collect
- Product delivery and replenishment from multiple warehouses
- Multi subsidiary support

Achieve all this while maintaining a complete 360 degree customer view to provide the best service and experience to your customers.

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Media and Publishing

In a field impacted by dynamic and large scale changes, NetSuite as a modern ERP provides a competitive advantage.

With its cloud infrastructure and ease of customization and integration, you can implement NetSuite within a short time period and minimum disruption to your business.

The flexibility that NetSuite offers is key in configuring a solution that will manage content distribution and account for the variety of revenue sources in the dynamic business environment of media and publishing.

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Professional Services

Optimal management and scheduling of your workforce and simplification of administrative tasks.

NetSuite allows you and your employees to effectively plan the project delivery and it provides accounting and reporting on the performance of a professional services business.

It supports a variety of project accounting practices and related revenue recognition methods.

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The manufacturing module allows you to define assembly items with a bill-of-material.

Operations are tracked through work orders based either on a planned production targets or on demand expressed by your customers.

These manufacturing features are tied to the inventory management and accounting functions to provide an integrated and compact solution.

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